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A sprinkle of sunlight, and late evening shadows. Fall leaves, moss and lush grass. A splash of water, sandy shores, dark rich farm soil, sparkling white salt flats and earthy tones of the desert. Glacier boulders, rocky embankments, water and wind-swept crevices. Crisp winter wind and saturated summer air. Cold unyielding steel, brick and glass....

These are my Inspirations.

About Chris

Born in 1966 in Dubuque, Iowa, Chris spent his childhood exploring the woods and river around his hometown. Chris was introduced to photography in High School, but it wasn’t until college where his interests in photography sparked and he eventually received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University.


He worked in the fields of portraiture, landscape and commercial photography for 10 years. Chris has served 30 years in the US military with 2 combat tours In Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005, after a 1 year combat tour in Iraq he turned his attention to nude photography which has been his devotion for the lasting years. Chris exclusively shoots on film.

Chris is known for his classical black-and-white photographs of the female nude blended with flora, fauna, and man-made elements with textures, tonal contrasts, shapes, forms and lighting. His images tell stories, awake feelings and manage to share with the audience the emotions experienced while capturing the image. 


He has received numerous awards and recognition for his creative vision and execution.

The muse with her red, blonde, chocolate brown and raven black hair. Soft shoulders, graceful arms, ample breasts, and the curve of her hips. A powerful backside, firm thighs and shapely calves. Skin that is porcelain white, freckled, sun kissed brown, and pure ebony. Twisting, turning, contorting in sun and shadow......

These are my Motivations.

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